Albert Heijn – Back to the Dinosaurs

A revolutionary loyalty and collection experiences created for retail giant Albert Heijn!

The Game

In this virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) app you can go back to the world of the dinosaurs together with your personal guide; the famous Dutch biologist Freek Vonk. Stand face to face with a lifelike T-rex, let them walk over your table, swim in your aquarium or fly through the room. In total you can view 20 different dinos in both AR and VR. With the collectable dinosaurs cards, which you could save at the retail store Albert Heijn, you complete your own dinosaurs collection. Use VR glasses to see the dinosaurs in 360 degrees in their own environment. Scan the dinosaurs cards to bring the dinos to life in your world in AR.


The VR & AR Loyalty: AH – Back to the Dinosaurs campaign lasted 6 months and was one of the largest Cardboard VR successes worldwide. It reached nearly every child in the Netherlands and introduced VR to an entire generation.


Features & details